Amazing Opera Houses of Italy

Planning a holiday in Italy is fun and all but do you know what else to add to your itinerary? Italy’s many opera houses are places you do not want to miss out on. They boast beautiful architectural design and are loaded with cultural and historical values. You most certainly do not have to be a fan of the opera to enjoy these places. You just need a better esthetic perception in order that these places can be something you can never forget for the rest of your life. Still, as Italy has tons of opera houses, it would be a hassle to select one to visit. On the other hand, trying to visit all of them one by one would mean you need more than just a week of vacation. You need a guide and this article may serve as a solution for you to solve the problem of selecting opera houses in Italy to visit. Teatro Regio di Parma is located in, well, Parma. The opera house was constructed in 1829 and is boasting stucco and gold work.

Torino’s Teatro RegioEvents that take place in the theatre include special ones, concerts and other performances such as drama, dance, and opera.
In Pisa, you can come to Teatro Verdi, which is central Italy’s one of the most beautiful. The auditorium can accommodate 900 guests and it first opened in 1867. The auditorium is decorated with fresco ceiling and is home to many performances such as drama, dance, and opera. Torino’s Teatro Regio is located in Piazza Castello. The opera house is also the most prominent within the city’s square. In 1936, the original 19th century building was demolished by a fire. The opera house reopened in 1973. The opera house is home to plays and musicals as well as opera performances.

Teatro dell’opera di Roma Teatro dell’opera di Roma has been a venue for opera performances and classical dance concerts. During summertime, the ancient Baths of Caracalla becomes a spot for dance and opera performances, serving as a breathtaking backdrop for a show under the stars. Arena di Verona is technically not an opera house. However, the restored Roman arena oftentimes serves as historic setting for opera performances. In June, the open-air opera season begins and takes place in this site. Some performances at other time of the year can still take place in this spot as well. Look out for a schedule and book your seat now.

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