In Scena

In Scena! 2020 Will Feature Italian Top Star – In an attempt to maintain cultural power of Italian theatre, New York City held annual survey of best theatre. It was a small movement in the beginning, but now grows to be one of the biggest theatre events in the area. The activities include script reading and also lecture exchanges.
– What is It?
In Scena is actually the last stage for theatre survey. 2020 marks the cooperation of three winning teams; Kairo Italy Theater based on New York, KIT based on Italia, and Casa Italiana NYU. Five places have been appointed as the main stages. Until today, there is no information about the venue details.

The time is set from April 27th until May 11th. In Scena takes no admission fee. Visitors could come and enjoy the show without paying anything. All the plays will use Italian language. If you are not speaking Italian, don’t worry; subtitle in English will be provided the way you can choose English.

– Who is the Guest?
Every year, there is something special in the play. This concept is expected to bring more visitors to watch the show. To please the audience, staffs will bring Paola Minaccioni to one of the plays. She is known for a show entitled Dal Vivo Sono Molto Meglio (I am so much better in person). Taking the role of director is Paola Rota.

The story revolves around the absurd society. Visitors could enjoy the smart comments on various professions; politic leader, telephone assistant, and the managers. Her performance will be even more splendid with music arrangement from DJ Lady Coco.

Italy surely has a lot of top stars, but why Minaccioni is chosen? One of the reasons is her long experiences in theatre act. Her first debut was in 1990. She continues to be the actress of theatre and several TV shows. Minaccioni gets even more popular for her appearances in a lot of screens.

In Scena, 2020 Will Feature Italian Top Star

What about some achievements? She was nominated for Silver Ribbon in 2012 but won this award on 2014. People appreciate her for the supporting role in Fasten Your Seatbelt. Instead of Silver Ribbon, Minaccioni brought Italian Globe Award home.

If you are part of theatre world, you would know the intensity of rivalry. A lot of theatre groups are competing to get the first place. Those who come as visitors could watch quality performances and learn about Italian culture as well. In short, In Scena should not be missed out!

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