Italian Renaissance and Renaissance Theater – One thing that is famous in Italy is its arts, including theater. If you are strolling around the city, you will find lots of theater, but do you know that Italian renaissance has great influences on the current theater? The influences can be seen directly from the theater and you will be surprised by the detailed touch of the plays.
– Italian Renaissance
The Italian Renaissance, or meaning “rebirth” in Italy, is the period when new innovations take place. The innovations here are not in terms of culture, but also technology and science. This period was very different from the Church’s teaching because it brings a new perspective of the classic ideals.

During this period, the concept of humanism changed and it triggered the evolution of arts. Music, architecture, literature, sculpture, and painting are examples. Meaning that it also changes the theater, which was the main entertainment of the public at that time.

– Italian Theater Nowadays
The Italian renaissance brings changes to the theater architecture and designs. You can see that most of the theaters in Italy have proscenium arch stages, shutters, and painted-flat wings which are some innovations from the renaissance period. The architecture and designs were changed because they will add more depth and illusion.

Not only in terms of architecture and designs, but the changes can also be seen from the ways the actors present the plays. Nowadays, the actors can add some gestures or scenarios to draw the attention of the audience. It began when Commedia dell’arte was performed by professional actors. The actors added some improvisation and it attracted more audience. The online poker in also attracts new players from around the world.

The changes brought a more humorous climax and it became widely accepted, especially in commedia plays. The changes break the traditional point of view and now, the actors don’t need to stick strictly to the script and the character, but they are free to improvise to make the plays better.
The Italian renaissance gives lots of innovations to the theater. not only the theater itself, but also the storyline of most of the plays. The innovations bring new colors to the theater and give the audience more enjoyment.

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