Teatro San Carlo

Naples can be considered as one nice place to visit in Italy, but there are not many tourists who come to this place because of many reasons. Despite of the fact that this place is not that famous, there is something attractive about this place. It is the Teatro San Carlo. This is the theater that you can find in Naples Italy. For your information, this theater is considered as one of the best opera houses that you can find in Italy, despite of the fact that Naples is not that famous.

There are some things that made this theater is quite famous. The first one is because of the amazingly grand design of the theatre. Basically, the overall concept of this theatre is quite similar with many other grand theaters on the old times, but that is one thing that made this theatre attracts a lot of attention. Many people are curious about the grand design of the opera house and theater in the past and this Teatro San Carlo can be simply described as the grand theatre from the past that came to the present. That can be simply seen from the flashy and stunning design of this theater.

the grand theaters in ItalyThe next one is because of the number of seats on this theater. For your information, most of the grand theaters in Italy can simply fit hundreds of audiences, but this theater in Naples can be considered as something more than grand. That is because this theater has the maximum seat capacity of 3,000 seats. That one is something amazing because there are not many theaters in Italy that have so many seats, even the grand ones. Most of them have the average of 500 to 1,000 seats. That is why this theater attracts a lot of attention from many audiences.

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