Make Sure You Include These Opera Houses in Italy on Your Itinerary

Planning a vacation to Italy? Your trip would not be considered complete if you did not include Italy’s opera houses, which the country has in abundance. They, the opera houses, are as beautiful as they are historic, with some still functioning as intended to this very day. Opera buffs among you would rejoice the chance of visiting Italy while those who are not could experience something new that they might have never encountered before in their life. Opera season in Italy begins in October and lasts through March or April. Outdoor performances, however, only take place during the summertime. Teatro Alla Scala in Milan is perhaps one with an interesting backstory to behold. The famous opera house reopened in 2004 following a wide-scale renovation. You can find a history museum, a bar, and a bookshop inside as well. Giuseppe Piermarini designed the opera house, which eventually opened for the first time in 1778. The opera house would go on to become a site for many performances’ first venue. The opera house was sadly bombed during the WWII. It reopened in 1946 and swiftly regained its fame as Italy’s most popular opera house.

Teatro La FeniceTeatro La Fenice is located in Venice. The name means the Phoenix and the opera house is arguably one of the most popular across Europe. The opera house first opened in 1792 and has since suffered from two incidents involving fires. Recently, the opera house was renovated and has since reopened. Teatro di San Carlo in Naples opened first in 1737. Some first productions of ballet took place in this opera house and it still serves as a venue for many performances such as short comic opera, ballet, and regular opera to this day. There is also a plan of a new museum to be founded in the opera house.

Bologna’s Teatro ComunaleBologna’s Teatro Comunale is one of the oldest theatres in Italy. The building boasts a gorgeous style of Baroque architecture from the 18th century. The theatre is conveniently located right in the middle of historic district in Bologna and is a venue for many symphony performances, musical, and opera. Teatro Massimo in Palermo is Sicily’s top opera house and can be considered as Europe’s one of the finest. The opera house first opened in 1897 and became the starting point of belle époque in Palermo. Music, ballet, and opera performances take place in this opera for year round.

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