Some of the Best Theatres That You Will Only Find in Italy

Italy is quite known for its theatre. That is because this country has a thick history of theatre since the 1800s. That is why this country has a lot of nice theatres to find. If you are accidentally in Italy and you want to watch one of the best theatres that you can find here, here are some of the best theaters that you can find in Italy.

The first one is Teatro La Scala that is located in Milan. Many of you will surely have known Milan as one of the best fashion town in the world. However, there are not many people who realized that Milan also has one of the best theatres that you can find in Italy. This open-space theatre was destroyed during the World War II, but because of the fact that this theatre was quite important, Teatro La Scala was rebuilt. Until this time, a lot of performers have performed in this one of the best theatres in Italy. The second one is Teatro La Fenice. This theatre is located in Venice. This theater is very famous for its simple but amazing and luxurious looking design. For your information, this theatre was opened in 1792. However, because of some burning incidents happened on this theater, La Fenice was recently re-opened, around 2004.

Teatro San Carlo that is located in NaplesThe last one is Teatro San Carlo that is located in Naples. For your information, Naples cannot be considered as one tourist destination in Italy, but this theater surely attracts a lot of attention from many people who want to watch the best and theater in Italy. One of the best things that this theater offer is the seats capacity of this theater that reaches 3,000 seats. That number is quite a lot, even for a country with the thick history of theater.

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