Theatres to Find in Italy

Theatre can be considered as one part of Italy. That is because theatre is one part of history from Italy. That can be simply seen from the number of opera house or theaters that have been built since the era of 1700s to 180ss in Italy. That is one main reason why theater is something that you cannot easily omit from Italy. For your information, even though there are a lot of theaters that you can find in Italy on these modern days, there are still some theaters that have the considerably old but stunning designs. Here are some of them.

The first one is Teatro La Fenice that is located in Venice Italy. This theatre had a tragic burning incidents twice since the first time this theater was built in 1792. However, the opera was restored over and over again and that is the name of Fenice came from, phoenix, the bird of flame. The second one is Teatro San Carlo that is located in Naples. There is no concrete evidence, but this theater is believed to be the oldest opera house that you can find in Italy. That is because based on the documentation, this theater was built in 1737. Because of the rich history of this theater, Teatro San Carlo is said to be turned into a grand theater museum of Italy in the future.

The last one is Teatro Regio that is located in Torino. This theatre used to be the royal theater, but there was a burning incident happened on this theater in 1936. However, this theater was restored because of the rich history of this theater. Yes, since this theater was used by the royal family, there are a lot of great people who have watched the opera shows on this place, including Napoleon Bonaparte.

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