The Best Theatre in Milan and Palermo, Italy – If you visit Italy, you may find a lot of ancient theatre as a tourism destination. Some of the theatres are still used as the place for opera house performance and ballet concert. The ancient theatre in Italy has been spread out all over the provinces. If you have a chance to visit some cities, you may need to come to Milan and Palermo. Those cities have a beautiful and ancient theatre with great architecture. You may find the long history of those theatres. It’s a great chance to know more about the culture and architecture designs of theatre in Italy.

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy with a lot of great theatres there. One of the most famous theatres in Milan is Teatro alla Scala or La Scala theatre. This theatre has been opened since 1778. It is one of the most beautiful theatres in the world. Giuseppe Piermarini, an architect, was chosen to make a design of the theatre. He made the horseshoe-shaped design for the La Scala theatre. Later, his designs inspired the other theatre’s architecture. He also made the display of his galley on the entrance side. The first floor of the theatre is designed with the neoclassical foyer. In addition, the corners of the theatre are designed with gold, medallions, and flower. Another beautiful theatre in Milan is Teatro Dal Verme. This theatre is located in Via San Giovanni sul Muro, Milan. This theatre is owned by the Verme family and has been opened since 1872. The architect of this theatre is Giuseppe Pestagally with the Teatro all’italiana design. However, the theatre was destroyed in 1943 due to the bombing incidents. The theatre has been used as the concert hall since 2001 and can be used by 1500 people.

If you have a chance to visit Palermo, you can try to visit the Teatro Massimo. This theatre is located in Piazza Verdi, Palermo, Sicily. The Teatro Massimo is built for the dedication of King Victor Emanuel II. This theatre is the biggest theatres in Italy. Nowadays, this theatre is used as the place for an opera house. The capacity of the Teatro Massimo is about 1.380 people. This theatre is designed with the 7 tiers of boxes that rise up and surround the stage. The 7 tiers are designed with horseshoe style. this teather is also promoted by the site sbobet, and before you visit it you can check the information first. As the biggest theatre in Italy, this theatre is recommended to visit.

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