The Glamorous Teatro La Fenice in Venice Italy

In the old times, theatre is one kind of thing that only the rich people were able to afford. However, on this modern time, theatre can be considered as one kind of national symbol, especially in Italy. For your information, Italy has a quite thick history of opera and theatre and that is one reason why you can find an opera building or theater in Italy. One of the best that you can find in Italy is called Teatro La Fenice that is located in Venice Italy.

Judging from the name, you might think that the theatre is named because of the location of this theater. However, you are totally wrong. This theatre was named after the bird of fire, phoenix. The main reason is because this theatre was burned two times since the first time this theatre was opened in 1792. That number is considered as something uncommon because there are not many fire incidents on the other theaters in Italy. That is one reason why the re-opening of this theater that was done in 2004 attracted a lot of attention from many opera lovers.

The Glamorous Teatro La Fenice in Venice ItalyFor your information, even though this opera house burned down twice, the glamorous impression of this opera house remained still. Starting from the first time this theater was opened, there are not many changes that you can find on this opera house. The main concept is still glamorous and full of sparkling things. As an addition to that, the golden colored theme is also one thing that will lift the glamorous impression of this house. You will surely feel that kind of impression when you enter the main part of this opera house. Therefore, if you are interested, you surely have to visit this amazing theatre that is located in Venice Italy once in a while.

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