The Historical Name of La Fenice Theater

If you are talking about the theater in Italy, you will notice that there are two of the greatest names that you can find. They are La Scala in Milan and Teatro di San Carlo in Naples. That is because those two are the best that you can find in Italy. However, there is another name that you might want to know. It is La Fenice Theater that you can find in Venice Italy. For your information, this theater turned out to have some histories in the past that made the name of this theater. Here are some of those stories that you might want to know about this theater in Venice.

If you are talking about the age of this theater, you can say that this theater is one of the youngest of all other grand theaters that you can find in Italy. The main reason is because this theater was built around the end of 17th century. On the other hand, many other grand theaters such as La Scala and Teatro di San Carlo were built around the beginning to the middle of 17th century. However, this grand theater is one of those few grand theaters that have been renovated for some times since the first time this theater was built two centuries ago. One unique thing about the renovation is because the renovation was caused by the burning flame inside the theater itself. Yes, this is something quite unique because most of those grand theaters were renovated because of the aged buildings. However, that is not something for the La Fenice Theatre.

During its two centuries of age, this theater was burned for two times. That was also the time when this theater gets its renovation. The last time this theater got a renovation was not long ago, because this theater wanted to be reopened for the public and needs again. The fact that this theater burned down twice but still being renovated and standing still get a lot of attention. That is also one thing that finally made up the name of this theater, La Fenice. Fenice is meant to point to Phoenix, one kind of bird that is believed to be borne by the flame. With a great history like that, you cannot simply omit the existence of this grand theater that you can find in Venice Italy. That is because not all of those theaters have a rich history in the past.

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