Italy as the House of World Theater

Theater and opera are things that many people love to watch, but the design is something slightly different in one place with another places around the world. Besides that, there are also a lot of opera houses that you can find in the world that are still performing a lot of different performances. Even though, you cannot deny that Italy is the country that can be considered as the home of theater itself. Even though you cannot simply dig the real start of the theater itself, many people believed that Italy is the house of theater. That might be caused by these simple things related with the theater and opera in Italy.

For the start, the main reason might be caused by the fact that there are quite a lot of theaters that you can find in Italy. This is something that you cannot deny because almost in every city that you can find in Italy, you will be able to find the theater or opera house there. As an addition to that, you can say that five of ten theater and opera house that you can find in Italy are grand in size and design. This one is something quite simple to describe Italy as the home of theater itself.

The second one might be caused by the fact that Italy has some of the oldest opera houses in the world. When the other countries built their opera houses around the 18th century, Italy has already had at least three to five grand opera houses there. That is because the first theater that was built in Italy was Teatro di San Carlo. This theater was built in 1737 in Naples Italy. This theater is not only one of the oldest in Italy, but also in the world.

The last but not least might be caused by the fact that most of the theaters in Italy are still in commitment with the standard design of the opera house in the past. Yes, you can simply see that from the overall design of many grand theaters in Italy. You will notice that most of those grand theaters are quite similar. It was because they want to maintain the overall theme and impression when people are entering the opera house. Even though there are some renovations, it is not something that will change the overall look of the opera house itself. That is why people are calling Italy as the real home of the world opera and theater.

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