The Rich History of Teatro Regio That Is Located in Torino Italy

It is something that you cannot deny that theatre is a part of Italian history. Unfortunately, there are not many theatres that you can find in Italy with a thick and rich history on it. However, there is one theater that you can find in Italy that has the rich history. It is the Teatro of Regio that is located in Torino Italy. It is true that comparing with some other theatres in Italy, this theatre is quite new because Teatro Regio was built on the beginning of 1740s. However, this theater has one history that you should never miss.

This theater was known as one of the best theaters in Italy on the past. That is why many of the opera and theater shows were held on this amazing and grand theater in Torino. As an addition to that, this theater was also meant to be used by the Royal Family. That is one reason why only the most important persons who were able to watch the opera show on this theater. One of the best guests on this theater was Napoleon, one of the best men of France.

The Rich History of Teatro Regio That Is Located in Torino ItalyFor your information, this royal theater had a tragic burning incident that destroyed more than half of the theater. However, because of the rich history of this theater, the government finally decided to rebuild this theater. That is because they did not want to miss any kind of history related with this theater. As the result, the theater was rebuilt and reopened with most of the same concepts as it used to have. Until this time, this theater was still used to perform many kinds of opera show, performances, and many other things. However, all of the people are able to watch the show, not only the royal families as if it used to.

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