The Rise of Rome Opera House

The Rise of Rome Opera House – Attending opera house is great experience for many people. Whilst some people could walk in and out the big theater as they wish, other persons save the occasion for special play only. Either way, people won’t want to miss the acts in Rome Opera House. It is the house of big names in theater world; Riccardo Musti, Abbado, Renata Tebaldi, and many more.

– What Is So Special In 2020?
Do you expect to see play only in Rome Opera House? You could dream bigger. In 2020, this great house brings together drama, ballet, concerts and musicals. With these various options, you could bring as many friends as possible. Simply choose one performance that suits your preference.

Instead of holding performances for days, you could watch the splendid play the whole year like you can play online Sbobet anytime the whole year in . It is opened for visitors from January till December. If you are interested, write down the venue; Teatro Costanzi and Terme di Caracalla. The open theatre, Terme di Caracalla, will be used during summer months only.

What are the Performances?

1. Opening Act
Believe it or not, the opening performances had been held since December has been offering all the best prizes for online gambling winner on the site. Three beautiful acts were chosen to kick the 2020 season; The nutcracker, Les Vepres Siciliennes, Tosca and Swan Lake. The first act was Nutcracker, performed on December 4th until 15th.

2. I Capuleti e I Montecchi
Don’t be surprised if you seem to be familiar with the story line. This act is the rewritten version of Romeo and Juliet by Vincenzo Bellini. Instead of the romantic and sad sides, you could see the protagonist point of view. Accompanying the act, you will enjoy ballet dances Serata Jerome Roberts. The act plays from January 23rd until February 6th.

3. Turandot
If you are fans of riddle, you must be familiar with Turandot play. It is a story about a prince who need to solve three riddles in order to marry Princess Turandot. The act is divided into three big parts. Don’t forget to mark the date; March 25th until April 8th.

4. Suite en Blanc
Do you have time in May? Then enjoy three consecutive ballets performances; Suite en Blanc, Serenade and Bolero. You will be swayed by smooth melodies from Eduardo Lalo, Maurice Ravel and Ilyich Cajkovskij.

Italy theatres have a lot of classic play and stories. All of them are worth to try, especially some big names like Bolero, Luisa Miller, and Messa de Requiem. Get ready to be impressed with the music, as they are composed by famous composers.

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