La Scala

Theater has been one part of the world for many years. That can be seen from the number of theater houses with the grand scale all around the world. However, many people still consider Italy as the real home of theater and opera. One of the reasons might be caused by the fact that there are two of the greatest theater houses that you can find in Italy. As a matter of fact, these theater houses are one of the best opera houses that you can find in the world. If you are curious, here are those two greatest opera houses that you can find in Italy.

The first one is La Scala. This theater is located in Milan. Milan is known for its fashion city, but for some people, this city is known for its grand La Scala Theater. Yes, it is something that you cannot deny because there are a lot of people visited Milan just to watch the theater on this place. For information, this opera house is not the oldest one that you can find in the world, even in Italy. That is because there are some other theater houses that were built around the beginning of 1700s while this theater was built in 1778. However, that does not mean the popularity of this theater is below those elders. That is because quite a lot of people who agree that this opera house is the best that you can find in the world. It is like Mecca for the Moslems.

The next one is Teatro di San Carlo. This theater is located in Naples, not a big city that you can find in Italy. However, this is also one of the things that made this grand theater is quite famous. Having one grand theater in the middle of nowhere will surely attract a lot of attention. Even though, this grand theater is the oldest theater house that you can find in Italy. That is because this theater house was built in 1737. That means this theater has been there for about 50 years before La Scala was built in Milan. As an addition to that, this grand theater was also one of the best before La Scala was built. Even though its name is not as big as La Scala in Milan, this grand theater is still getting a lot of attention. It is because of its richness on the history of theater in Italy.

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