When You Visit Italy, You Need to Watch at Least One Performance in These Theatre

When You Visit Italy, You Need to Watch at Least One Performance in These Theatre – This wonderful country has a long history to learn and a unique culture you can’t find its similarity in any other country in the world. One of the biggest products of its culture is the theatre, where improvement and development are always on the go. If you plan to visit this country, these theatres should be on your list:

1. Teatro Alla Scala in Milan
This is probably the best theatre in Italy. Many great actress, actors, and singers are known to make their first path of career through this theatre. It offers magnificent performances all the year, and it houses a school for aspiring youth. A museum, a restaurant, and a bookshop complete the building, and it is almost a crime to skip this place. While many tourists visit this place, you may also find popular face during a performance.

2. Teatro Masimo in Sicily
Currently, this is just the biggest theatre in Europe. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes it special. This theatre offers a summer locale where people can watch a performance. It is an outdoor theatre called Teatro di Verdura. It is known for being a pitch perfect space that always astonish people, just as https://www.linuxiso.org is known for its perfect casino games.

3. Terme di Caracalla in Rome
Located just beyond the Colosseum, this was originally a public bath. This is now altered and used as a theatre during the summer. With the largest stage in the world, this theatre offers wide range of performance, from opera to ballet and orchestral concert. The architecture alone is stunning, leaving you with breathtaking and vintage feeling during your visit.

4. Arena in Verona
This is probably the most ancient amphitheatre in Italy being built in 30 AD. During the summer, this theatre offers performances for everyone. From Pearl Jam to Monteverdi, there is definitely a performance for everyone to enjoy.

Visiting Italy seems to be incomplete without visiting these theatres. If you don’t like musical or drama, it is still great to see the architecture and know more of the culture. Plus, it looks good on your Instagram.

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