Will Bellini Theatre Close Soon

Will Bellini Theatre Close Soon? – How did people spend their spare time years before television and radio? They watched theatre. It was a common practice since the kingdom or emperor era. Usually, the peasants would enjoy different kind of performance, less luxurious than the royals. After the revolution, theatre are opened to everyone.

– Current Conditions
According to Italian law, theatre is listed as one of the cultural assets. People are gathering and enjoy the classic local stories while getting educated about the tradition. Long time ago, theatre was always packed with people and tickets were sold in an instant.

As the cinema and television shows enter the country, the number of theatre enthusiast is decreasing. Latest survey conducted by Italian National Institute of Statistics reveals that 20% of Italian citizens are not interested to do activities related to culture.

Last year, similar research was also conducted, asking the people whether they visited opera or theatre performance within a year. The result is heartbreaking; 88% of Italians didn’t see any performance show or opera. Furthermore, 80% of them haven’t stepped into any opera the whole year but most probably have tried online betting.

– Why It Loses Audiences
There are several reasons behind the audience reluctance. First of all, opera and theatre performance are closely linked to boring and long act. Younger generation cannot bear to sit during the whole performance or value the beauty and art in the act.

Second, the date of opera and theatre stage rarely matches holiday season. Therefore, many people refuse to watch them during working days. Last but not least, people complain about the high price tag, saying that the performance are less amazing than the money they spent.

– Final Decision
If this condition continues? How could theater like Bellini will survive? The cost to maintain the building and stage costume is high. Don’t forget about performers’ rehearsal, stage setting and classic orchestra. Thus, the price for each performance is quite pricey.

Within Italian Law, Bellini theatre is placed under three-year economic program. It started back in 2018 and end in 2020. Any organization that couldn’t deliver profit will be closed permanently. Looking into current account, the manager of Bellini mentioned that the theatre cannot keep up. 2020 might be the last year of the operation.

Theatre has been around for many years. It is not exaggerating to honor theater for its cultural and historical building. Sadly, modern world leaves only little space for theater. People slowly forget the joy of theatre performance and never turn back. Locals, who are expected to nurture theatre, showed no interest to save it.

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